Parents love receiving notifications about what their child is up to throughout the day. It helps keep their minds free of worry, knowing that their child was finally able to share a favorite Paw Patrol toy, or ate all of their vegetables during lunch time. 

However, there are some things (Incident Reports come to mind) that might need an administrator's approval before going out to the parents. When creating an activity that you know should receive a second look, use the "Staff Only" option (screen shot below).

By marking something as "Staff Only," the parent will not immediately receive a push notification for the activity; nor will they see it in their activity feed. 

Instead, the activity will appear on the Kinderlime website under Parent Connect > Daily Activities for administrative accounts.

An administrator will then be able to view the activity and make any changes if necessary. They will click on the "Approve" button, which can be found on: 

  • the Activity Feed
  • the Daily Activities Summary page
  • or from within the individual child's feed to send it out to the parents. 

Parents will see the activity in their feed in chronological order along with all of their child's other activities.

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