Do you have more than 30 students in your childcare program or school? If you do, then it might be faster to use a spreadsheet upload to enter your students into Kinderlime. 

You can enter all of your children into Kinderlime in 2 steps: 

  1. Fill out a spreadsheet with all relevant info.
  2. Send it to us
  3. We'll do the rest! 

Step 1: Fill out your spreadsheet

You can include as much or as little information as you like. Here is a list of the information you can include on your spreadsheet:

1. Student Name
*This is the only required field.* Also, please note that the import process will skip students who have the same first and last name as existing students in the system. You will need to manually add any child who has the same name as an existing child.

2. Student Room
This is the child's assigned room. If you provide extended or after care, we recommend naming the room for that purpose. Any additional information (like student grade, age, regular classroom, etc,) can be entered as a Student Tag for filtering purposes. 

3. Parent name, phone number and email address
If the name, phone number, and email are exactly the same for two or more children, they will be linked together as siblings during the import.

4. Any authorized pickups
Do not include the parents again as authorized pickups, as this will create duplicates for them in the system.

5. Date of Birth
Upcoming birthdays will appear with an icon in the app, and you'll be able to quickly see the student's age on the website.

6. Address
Addresses are saved separately for each child's profile.

7. Allergies
Please leave this blank if a child has no allergies; all children with information listed under the allergies column will appear with a peanut icon in the app.

8. Notes
These notes are for internal use by staff, and are not visible to parents.

9. Tags
Use tags to quickly find specific groups of students.

10. Student IDs and/or Family IDs
Include these if you have your own student or family ID system in place, otherwise leave these fields blank.

Click on this button to download our Kinderlime template.

Step 2: Send the spreadsheet to us

Look at the bottom right of this screen and you will see a chat bubble. Click the bubble and use the paperclip icon to attach your filled-out spreadsheet.

Step 3: Sit tight

We will format and import your spreadsheet. This takes us around 24-48 hours. We will let you know as soon as it has been imported.

Next steps once your import is complete:

  1. Head over to this article to see how to invite your parents.
  2. You can also visit this article to get those new students set up with their billing plans. 
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