Add Staff to your center to track the children's interactions during the day. When adding staff, you also have the ability to set different levels of access, depending on how much information a staff member needs to know from the website or app.

NOTE: Staff can only be added through the website, not the app.

Add/Remove Staff:

  1. Go to My School --> Staff and use the "Add Staff" button on the top right.
  2. Fill out the Name, Email Address, and Admin Access as appropriate (see below for more details).
  3. To remove a staff member, click on the ellipsis (...) next to the teacher's Status and choose "Deactivate Staff." 

You can view staff members who have been deactivated by clicking on the icon next to the "Add Staff" button (see below).

Staff Levels of Access:

As you are adding staff members, you have the ability to set 3 different levels of access when clicking the "Add New Staff" button.

Level 1: Pin only.

Staff will be given a pin to use for clocking in and out but will not be able to sign into either the website or the app. 

Set up: Enter only the teacher's first and last name and click "Save Teacher Details." A unique teacher pin will be generated. Give that pin to the teacher and they will be able to clock in and out from the Kinderlime app, as long as an admin has logged into the app

Level 2: App and Website access

Staff with this access will have a pin to Clock In-Out. In addition, they will be able to log into the Kinderlime app as well as the website.  

Set up: Along with first and last name, enter their email address. The teacher will be sent a registration code they will use to sign up and create a password. They will be able to take attendance, capture daily activities, create Newsletters, send messages, and add carers and siblings. 

*Important* make sure when staff first sign in they choose "Join Existing Program or School." Otherwise they will start a new account that is not connected with your account.                                                                                                                                            

Level 3: Admin

These staff members have full access to the website and apps. 

Set up: Along with entering the teacher's name and email, check the "Admin Access" button when setting up the teacher account. Now this staff member will be able to edit children's profiles, communicate with parents, access billing, clock in-out staff, and change attendance information.

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