With the uncertainty that we are all facing at this time, we have compiled these resources to provide guidance to ensure that your program can continue to operate as seamlessly as possible. 

Changing Enrollment Statuses

For the children who may be taking time off from your program, the first step is to change their enrollment status to "On Hold." This will pause their billing and allow you to easily filter for the students still actively attending you program.

Changing Enrollment Statuses

Batch Update Student Information

Pausing Recurring Plans 

If your program still has children actively attending but you are not using your current billing plans, you can simply pause the automated billing. Below you will find an article that will help you pause the recurring plans and the steps to doing this in bulk.

Batch Actions for Recurring Plans  (Note: If you are pausing all of your recurring plans you will need to perform these actions for each page of students)

Edit and Canceling Invoices

If you were not able to pause your recurring plans before the invoices were generated, you can always cancel the invoice and this will properly adjust the family balance. You can also edit the invoice to charge the family for a portion of the regular fee. 

Edit and cancelling invoices (Note: Editing or Canceling an invoice will affect the family balance but will not affect any payments in process)

Issuing Credits

In some cases school's may find that it is easier to issue a credit for their families than to adjust their billing. You will find the steps to easily issue a credit to the family below. 

Issue Credit

Issuing Refunds

If you were not able to adjust the recurring plans or invoices before the family made a payment, you can simply return these funds through Kinderlime. Once a payment is posted as successful, you can follow the steps below to issue a refund. 

Issue Refund (Note: Only complete refunds can be made through Kinderlime. See partial refunds in this article for more information)

Tracking Attendance

If your program is using the Parent Kiosk to sign their children in and out, you may consider having a staff member track attendance to limit the number of individuals touching the tablet. If you would like for your staff members to track attendance but for your records to reflect that the parent signed the child out, have the staff member follow the steps listed in the second article. 

Staff Tracking Student Attendance

Staff Track Attendance But Show Parent's Name

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