Website release 2.8.0

  • Updated dashboard screen to include the ability to see the students signed in to each room and Items that require action across the top of the dashboard. 
  • Updated the way that parent information is displayed within the student profiles. 
  • You can now quickly filter transactions by date.                                                            
  • Fixes to the rounding of hours on the Monthly Timecard Reports.
  • billing notification emails will be sent to admins with billing access

iOS / Android / Fire - 3.8.0

  • You can now view Upcoming Activities by going to Activities and then selecting the clock in the upper right hand corner. 
  • Fixed bug pertaining to photo selection from the device gallery or cloud.
  • Default to light mode on iOS 13.
  • Fixed duplicate sign in/out issue on transfer (iOS 13).
  • Resolved issue relating to photos being added as part of an activity. 
  • Amazon Fire will have same features as android.
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