Kinderlime is now capable of providing third parties access to certain data for the purpose of integrations through Kinderlime Connect. Kinderlime Connect is an application programming interface that allows for the seamless transfer of data that is stored within Kinderlime. 

Kinderlime Connect is available to those with enterprise subscriptions and can be used to provide many different solutions. Potential uses include:  

  • A school is working with a door lock company and wishes to have parents use their Kinderlime Pin to gain access to a locked classroom. 
  • A school that wishes to pull attendance data over a specific date range to see trends in attendance over this time period. 
  • A school who wished to customize a slideshow with the photos saved in the Kinderlime Gallery.
  • A school that would like to use a service that compares their monthly income and costs to industry standards. 

Please note that there is certain data contained within Kinderlime that is privileged and is not available to third parties. Please contact a representative with specific questions. 

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