iOS and android - 3.7.9

  • A new device setting has been added called "Show Allergy Icon".  If turned on, the allergy icon will be visible on the home screen and other selection screens.
  • There is a new option to quick "transfer" students between rooms on the attendance screen.
  • Observation activity has been updated to show domain, sub-domain, and milestones.
  • There will now be a 30 second timer on sign in/out kiosk that will dismiss back to the pin-pad if no action is taken. (For parents signing in one sibling).
  • Admins can now manage staff permissions for the mobile application instead of only being able to select role-based restrictions like admin/non-admin.
  • You can now quickly transfer, sign in/out, or send a message by long holding on a student's profile on the home screen of the app. 
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