Android - Release (3.7.3)

  • Display lesson "outcomes" in daily activity feed when shared with parents.
  • Hide "select all" and "select signed-in" options for Name to Face activities.

iOS  - Release (3.7.1)

  • Fixed crash due to "add students" action.

iOS / Android - Release (3.7.0)

  • Kiosk screen remains locked when killing the app.
  • Filters relating to Rooms/Tags/Sign-In remain applied when restarting the app.
  • Photo/Video edit option allows you to update the caption.
  • Only admins can approve activities.
  • Mismatch in signed-in students vs live room ratio fixed (Android)


Web Release (2.6.0)

  • Student Sign-In sheet can be printed for different dates.
  • "Approve" button hidden for non-admins in Messages.
  • Photo/Video edit option allows you to update the caption.

Web Release (2.6.1 )

  • Added Ledgers and related Reports to Billing.
  • Added a staff employee ID field to staff profiles.

Web Release (2.6.2)

  • Option to "upload student roster" now available on the My School > Students page (click the "Add Student" button). 
  • When parents are manually entering a payment amount, they can include a decimal for partial payments.
  • Provide the ability to "View Receipt" for online payments.


Backend Release (2.6.3)

  • When a parent payment fails, an email will be sent to the parent and school admins.

Backend Release (2.6.6)

  • New users are required to include at least 8 characters with a mix of letters and numbers.

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