Web Updates:


  • New reports added: Detailed Transaction Breakdown, Billing Plan Tuition Report

Lead CRM

  • In Communications, there is an option to send test emails added.
  • Email Editor Updates: Quick Image edits with option to add links, HTML source will also be provided to help customize further


  • Staff only filter added: This feature is linked with the option to force Staff Only Daily Activities. Please contact KL to turn on this option

Mobile App (IOS/ Android/ Fire):

  • Activities: Bathroom, Bottle, and Nap activities will have an option to set a reminder
  • UI: Able to filter by date and activity type for each student in the student’s app profile

Corporate functionality:

  • Corporate Dashboard Analytics: You are able to compare 2 different schools and compare analytics, such as School stats, Analytics, Billing, Daily Activity, and Messages
  • Corporate Tags and Corporate Rooms: Any room that is created by Corporate will automatically be populated into different schools and will link back to the Corporate
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