Quick overview of the latest changes:

  • When going inside a child's profile under My School > Students, you'll now see a Documents tab at the top with a separate documents screen. You'll be able to upload documents and include an expiration date for when the document will need to be updated.
  • Rooms now have optional age limits that can be added (lower and upper bound ages). This will be part of a larger feature which will help determine when children should age out of a particular room.
  • The Help icon has shifted from the menu on the lefthand side to a new help button next to your profile circle in the upper right of the website.
  • Lesson plan attachments can now be viewed in your browser

For those using our Corporate functionality:

  • Entities created by Corporate will show a "Corp linked" indicator for schools so they're aware of which rooms, templates, tags, etc. have been added by the corporate team.
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