Lead CRM

"Enrollments" was changed to "Lead CRM" to reflect the more comprehensive actions you can take while tracking your enrollment pipeline.

  • Leads: This page will list all of your prospective leads and allow for the ability to receive a payment / mark the account paid, archive a lead, and click on the lead to view its deeper profile. In this profile, you can view their record and any history of actions that have been taken (changes in status, payments made, messages sent, etc). 
  • Communication: This page is dedicated to sending out messages to your prospective families, and include the option to search through your sent messages and drafts.
  • Configure: Your online form is housed in this page, along with the ability to create templates for your messages, and update lead statuses to match how you want to track the parent's progress from interest to enrollment. 

Note: While features have been rearranged a bit, nothing has been taken away from the original "Enrollments" feature.

Corporate Functionality

Administrators of multi-site schools can now view a dashboard overview of each of their sites. They will be able to: 

  • publish changes which will automatically appear in all of their sites / locations, and
  • view each school's overall stats and go inside the school account.

For example, now admins can create consistent rooms, tags, lessons, milestones, newsletters, lead statuses, and lead communication templates across all of their sites. These items will not be removable or editable by local staff. 

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