When a parent makes a payment using their credit card or bank account, you will see the payment appear on their Family Account page under Billing > Family Accounts on the website. 

The payment will appear with: 

  • the date and time that it was initiated, 
  • the name of the parent, 
  • some information on the payment method that was used, 
  • the amount, and 
  • the status of the payment

Payout Timeline

Credit card and bank account (ACH) payments will deposit into your bank account within 2 business days after a parent initiates the payment. 

Business days do not include weekends or holidays. 

Payments will only start processing if they were initiated before 1pm PST, Monday through Friday. If it's after 1pm PST, the payment will start processing on the next available business day. 

Payment Status

The status of the payment (pending, successful, failed) is NOT tied to when the payment appears in your bank account statement. 

It is tied to when our payment processor, Stripe, decides that the payment has successfully passed all of their fraud and security checks.

So what does the status of the payment mean, then?


Payments appear with a pending status as soon as the parent initiates the payment online.

Due to our agreement with Stripe, the funds deposit into your bank account within 2 business days for both credit cards and bank accounts. 

However, the payment will still be considered pending until up to 5 business days after the payment was initiated. 

That means the payment may still be listed as pending for several days after it has already appeared in your bank account. 

If everything clears after 5 business days, the payment status will change to Successful

Payments fail if any of the following issues occur:

  1. The parent had insufficient funds in their account. 
  2. The parent's bank account or credit card numbers were entered incorrectly. 
  3. Your own bank account number was entered incorrectly. 

When a payment fails, the money that was previously deposited will be withdrawn from your account and the payment itself will be marked with a red X on the family account page. 


Please contact our support using the chat function on the website if you have any questions or want us to look into something for you.

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