App Updates

For both Android and iOS:

  • You can quickly add rooms from the My School button of the app by clicking on the Rooms box.
  • If a parent has not been added for a child, you'll see an orange icon with add parent option in the home screen.


  • Staff and parents can download videos and photos from the app.
  • Chat messages have been disabled in all kiosk screens.
  • Student's carpool lists will be displayed in their student profile. Any changes will still need to be made from the website. 

Website Updates:

  • There is a new design for managing and assigning Tags to students. Click on the pencil icon next to a tag view the change.
  • When editing a student's profile, you can make changes directly in the item fields by clicking on a pencil icon.
  • The website is now mobile-friendly! 
  • In our Billing section, transactions can be "cancelled" and then "deleted" to remove them from the record. 

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