Keep Your Filters On
When setting a filter on our website, that filter will remain set if you go to another page to look at something, then come back to it. The filter will stay in place until you choose to remove it by clicking on the "X" in the corner of the filter's name. 

This applies for every page except for the Student Sign-In and Staff Timecard pages, which will always default to the current day if you click away. 

Choose Your Dates
For anywhere on our website that provides the option to set a date, you can now click on the field to type in the date yourself, instead of scrolling through the months and years. 

Fixes to Parent Payments on App
Parents with a smaller phone screen had been having trouble seeing the "Pay Now" button in the Kinderlime app. This issue has now been fixed. Parents are also able to use the trash can icon in the app to delete their payment method. 

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