Student and Family Data Report
When pulling a report that includes parents and authorized pickups, each person and their pin / contact information will be separated out into individual columns.

FACTS Report
You can now pull a FACTS report from the Reports section of the website. Select the Transactions report and choose FACTS from the dropdown menu.

Transactions Report
The internal notes field and invoice description have been added as columns to this report for your reference.

Photo Activities on the Website
Photo activities can be created from "Create Daily Activity" button on the Daily Activities page. Staff will have the option to select from photos that have already been sent to parents via the app, or they will also be able to choose photos from the KL Cloud (new feature to be added next week).

Minor Invoicing Changes

  • The invoice emails will show the charge amounts as well as the family's current balance, which will help in cases where the family's balance is different from the invoice charge amount. 
  • When viewing invoices from the Family Accounts page under Billing, you will be able to hover over invoices to view multiple line items.
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