Deactivate Staff
From My School > Staff, you can deactivate staff to remove them from your active staff list. This will put them under the deactivated staff section of the page, and remove their clock-in pin and log in privileges.

Staff or Parent
Want to use the same email address to log in as a staff member or as a parent? Now you can! Just make sure that you have been invited to Kinderlime and successfully signed up as one; once you've done that, you can add your email to the other. No need to sign up again or enter any separate codes. Easy-peasy!

Upload Documents
In order to help keep all of your student information in one place, you can use our document upload feature to save documents within each student's profile.

Billing Stats
Filter the Billing > Family Account page for unpaid and in-process by clicking on the "Amount" boxes along the top.

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