Here are our latest update to the website!


  • When pulling Sign In-Out report for an individual student, you should see their name at the top of the report. 
  • When pulling a Billing Transaction report, the description column will correctly reflect what was written in the description field for any invoices. 


  • You now have the ability to create an invoice without sending it immediately. When you do want to email the invoice to the parent, you can do so whenever you need to.
  • You also have the option to "not send" invoices for all students or individual students in your recurring plans. Invoices will continue to be generated on time, but will not be emailed out to parents unless you choose to send them.
  • Parents can add their bank account manually when setting up their online payment method, if their bank does not appear in the available list.
  • The Kinderlime team can disable credit card payments as an option for your parents. Please let us know if you'd like this feature disabled by sending us a chat message.
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