The great advantage of online payments is that parents can enter their preferred payment method, enable auto-pay, and let our system collect their payments on each invoice due date. Worry no more about tracking errant parents down, sending invoice reminders, or charging late payment fees.

Important Note
Parents are able to set up online payment methods separately. This means that if one parent sets up a credit card on their account, the second parent will still see a "Set Up Payment Method" button on theirs. The second parent will not be able to view or change the first parent's payment method.

How it Works:

Once you have set up your school for online billing and invited parents to Kinderlime, the parents will be able to log in to their account on the app or website and click on the "Pay Now" button next to their current balance in order to set up a payment method. (Here's a help article for parents on how to set up online payments.)

Once parents have entered their payment info, there are three options going forward:

  1. Parents can opt to set their card on "auto pay" which means when an invoice is sent, the payment is automatically deducted from their account on the due date.
  2. Parents can leave "auto pay" turned off and manually initiate payment when they receive the invoice.
  3. Once a payment method is on file, the school has the option to manually pull the owed funds from parent payment accounts (even if they have "auto pay" turned off).

*Note: There is a $1200 credit card limit per transaction and you will be able to contact our support for ACH consideration. 

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