Announcing our latest feature, the Parent Kiosk Form!

If you have a prompt that you need to ask parents every day during Sign-In or Sign-Out, you can now create a Parent Kiosk Form. 

Parents will be prompted during their normal Sign In-Out process on the app's Parent Kiosk, and you will be able to view their responses from the website's Sign In-Out and Reports pages. 

Click here to learn more.

Other updates to our website:

  • Student Roster can be sorted by last name.
  • Family pins will be sent out correctly to parents. 
  • Daily Summary Report emails will list the correct times for all activities.
  • Setting up your school's billing account is now a smoother process; your account can be initially created without a full social or photo ID.
  • A few tooltips have been added to the website pages for Students, Rooms, Tags, Staff, and individual student profile pages. This means that when you hover over certain links, buttons, or phrases, you'll see a helpful hint about the feature.
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