Are you serving food to children during the day? You can communicate that information to parents and download a spreadsheet with your meal numbers to submit to the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

This article will detail the food logging process in both the app and on the website, how to edit those meals (to update how much the child ate for example) and how to pull the meals report.

Log Meals in the App:

  1. Click Activity and select Meal (circled in red below)
  2. You will be taken to your list of students. Use the top filter "Select Signed In" or manually choose the students receiving the meal
  3. Select Meal Type (see red arrow below)
  4. Write a description, add meals from the picklist (for details see Meals Picklist section below), or select from you scheduled meals. 
  5. Click "Add Activity" to send immediately to the parents 

Meals Picklist:

You can choose from a defined list of food items when filling out the description field for each meal:

  • Click on the fork and spoon icon to access the meals list (red circle below)
  • Select the items you are serving  and click the back arrow to complete the food activity
  • To add new food items click on create new item sign at the bottom of meal list page.

Choose from Scheduled Meals:

You can also schedule meals using the website version of Kinderlime and then quickly select these meals when logging the meal activities. Once the meals have been scheduled, you can share these meals with the parents by first selecting the meal activity > Spoon and knife Icon (under description) > Daily Plan tab. 

Log Meals on the Website:

  1. Go to Learning > All Activities
  2. Click "Create Activity" in the top right
  3. Choose the "Meal" Activity Type
  4. Fill in the details as needed and click Continue to select the students who consumed the meal

Update Meals on the Website:

  1. Go to Learning > All Activities 
  2. You can search for Meals only by clicking the funnel icon
  3. Click on the ellipsis for the activity you wish to edit.

Download the Meal Tracking report:

  1. On the website go to the Reports tab 
  2. Select the "Meal Tracking" Report (at the bottom of the page)
  3. Select your dates and meal type then click Generate Report
  4. Click on "XLS" in the pop up window or scroll up to the top and use the XLS link to access the report

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