Send and Review Messages:

Go to Messages (circled in orange below).

  • Use the "Inbox" tab to read messages from parents. 
  • Use the "Sent" tab to review the messages you have sent to parents.
  • Note that all teachers will be able to see all messages that were sent and received from the website by setting the rooms filter to "All Rooms." 

Message Options: 

Use the "New Message" (see blue arrow above) to compose a new message. After selecting "Send Message Notification," you will have two options for how to send the message.

*Text Message: The message will be sent as an SMS (circled in red above). Texts have a limit of 300 characters. Parents will not be able to reply to the text itself; they can only do so from the Kinderlime app's Messages section. Your account will show your text limit. If you would like to increase the number of texts please contact Kinderlime for pricing.

*Kiosk Message: The message will pop-up in the Sign-In Kiosk (circled in blue above) after a parent enters their pin. This message will appear only once, the very next time the parent enters their pin. If you need to compose several kiosk messages for the same parent, they will all be shown to the parent in the order they were entered into the system.

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