Already using Kinderlime but interested in upgrading to our latest features? This article explains what you will need to do to complete the upgrade and what will change on the app and website.

Why would you Upgrade?

1) All new features and releases are available in the 2.0 system, which has matured quite a bit since our initial release. Please click here to learn about changes to Kinderlime, including which features are no longer in the system. 

2) If you use Kinderlime for billing, you'll be able to have faster payout timelines and lower transaction fees. (More details below.)

3) Kinderlime will be sunsetting the 1.0 apps and website this year (2019). In other words, the 1.0 system will no longer be available for use.

Is there a Cost to Upgrade?

Your subscription with Kinderlime will not change with the upgrade. 

However, it's important to note that the new app will only run on compatible devices. Please make sure that the new app will run on your devices prior to the upgrade. 

If your devices are not compatible, you will need to invest in updated devices. 

Can I see the new System before Upgrading?

You can always sign up for a free 14 day trial on the new Kinderlime in order to play around with it and check out any changes we've made prior to upgrading. Please use a different email address from your real account if you choose to do this.

You can also check out our videos on YouTube and help articles for an overview of the changes.

Is there anything I should Save from the Old Account?

All transaction information, student profile information, staff, rooms, tags, and recorded activities should carry over.

If you have any newsletter or other templates that you want to keep, you may want to copy the text / format in a separate file. This includes registration questions, if you were using the Registration feature.

The 2.0 system does not have the ability to schedule meals ahead of time, so until we add a meal scheduling feature to the new system, you will need to enter meals manually from the website or the app.

How Do I Upgrade?

Contact us using the chat bubble on the website and state that you would like to upgrade your account to 2.0. 

We will then enable a button on your dashboard so that you can upgrade when you're ready.

Note Regarding Parents:
By clicking the button, your parents will receive a message regarding the upgrade. They will also need to delete their current app and download the new app, otherwise they will stop receiving your activity updates, messages, and sign in-out notifications.

If you do not want your parents to receive a message, please let us know and we'll manually upgrade your account for you. 

What Happens after I Upgrade?

1. Your 1.0 Apps will STOP WORKING within 24 hours after you upgrade.

Download the Kinderlime app with the green and blue butterfly logo (see below).

The parents will need to download the same app as the staff. They'll not be able to use the old parent app any longer. 

Here are your download links for the 2.0 app.

2. You will need to familiarize yourself with our new billing features.
If you use Kinderlime for billing, you will need to set up charges and assign them to your families. Once that is done, they should go out automatically on each billing cycle. 

Feel free to review all of the articles in our billing section of the Help Center. You can also schedule a Billing Consultation when you're ready to set up your billing if you'd like us to walk you through the process.

Faster Payouts and Lower Rates
Please let us know if you would like to switch to the new payout timeline and lower transaction fees. 

By switching, your payments would arrive in your bank account in 2 business days instead of 6-8 days. 

Your transaction fees would also drop to $0.95 for bank account payments and $0.95 + 2.95% for credit cards.

You will need to set up your bank account and parents would need to re-enter their payment methods.

Let us know if you have any questions via chat.

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