Accept online payments to further streamline your administrative duties! A quick sign up process will allow you to accept Credit Card and ACH (bank account transfer) payments. No more manually logging check/cash payments for you!

While setting up for online billing you will have the choice of assigning the transaction fees to the parents or the school. 

  • If the parents assume the transaction fees then any invoices you send will be deposited in full into your account. The parents will pay what they owe to the school PLUS any associated transaction fees.
  • If the school assumes the transaction fees than any invoices you send will be deposited and you will be charged the transaction fee. 

*If you reside outside of the United States call us first at 877-679-0950 before setting up your online billing account.

Setup to collect online payments

1. Go to School Settings > School Profile and make sure you have added your EIN tax code if you have one. Click on the Edit Profile button to update any information. 

2. Go to Billing and click on the "Setup Account" button.

3. You will first decide if your school or the parents will be responsible for paying the transaction fees. Please note, both ACH and Credit Card can take 2 business days to deposit in your account, as our payment processor may clump nearby payments together (this is an automatic feature).

School Pays Fees

If your school has opted to pay the transaction fees you will follow the directions to set up Blue Pay* below:
*Note: based on enrollment we will determine if Blue Pay is the best solution for your center/school, typically if you are under 80 students you will be sent to Stripe to set up (see instructions under "Parents Pay Fees" below).

  1. Enter your contact information, including name, school, email and phone number.
  2. You will be contacted as soon as possible during business hours and we will walk you through the process of setting up with our payment partner, Blue Pay.
  3. We will inform you as soon as your account has been approved for collecting online payments! 
  4. Now you can fully automate your billing! Checkout our Billing Webinar for details. 

Parents Pay Fees

If parents are paying the transaction fees you will follow the directions below:

  1. Fill out your school details and click Continue.
  2. Enter routing and bank information and click Save. 

If your account is verified, you can begin accepting parent payments immediately.

This is all that is needed for most accounts; however, if your account needs additional verification you will see a request to update your information along the top of the screen. 

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