Charges can be calculated through Kinderlime for after school programs. This can be based on the time the students spends in after school.

Go to the Billing tab on the top to setup your charges. These charges can be hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates. Based on the time the student attends, the actual charges due by the parent for a week or month will be used to create an invoice.

Kinderlime uses its sign in-out data to find out how much a family owes for a specified billing period. You would total this up from the past balances for a family to find out the total amount due by them.

If you use an accounting program like intuit quickbooks, then please get in touch with us so that we can set you up for upload of the Kinderlime transactional data into quickbooks.

Let’s now talk about each of the steps you want to follow to get the billing feature going:

1. Billing needs to be enabled in the settings

2. Create Charges based on the different ways that children are charged. Each child can have one charge assigned to them.

Choose if the charge is based on a monthly fee or for hourly or daily attendance billing.

You can setup as many charges as you like - even sibling discounts, or charges for each group as well. The program does a pretty good job of giving you all the flexibility here.

Also enter the rate and “SAVE CHARGE”

After setting up a charge, now you can assign those charges to Children in your care.

This can be done by clicking Assign Charges

3. Reports

Now you can start enjoying the freedom that Kinderlime offers for paperless reporting. You already know that detailed activity reports for the children were available under Attendance → Sign In-Out reports. Now you have Billing report that calculates the charges for your children

This is what it looks on the website:

But on the excel report, its much more powerful. Download the report and you can see details of all children for any billing period you desired. Here I choose a period from 30th April to 30th May 2014

If you have already started using Sign In-Out, then the billing section will be easy. All it takes is a few clicks and you are much closer to finding the charges for the time the children spend in your care.

Using a fee based on the exact time that the children attend and then charging based on a flat rate enables you to do all of your invoicing in a few simple clicks. The system will take the attendance, process the amount of time according to the charge that you created and assigned, and will then generate the invoice. You can do one, or everyone in the school in just a few seconds. Two more clicks and all of your invoices are emailed out to the parents so that they can start making payments.

Refunds: If you need to issue a refund, visit the Refund Payments help article.

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