Welcome back! We are absolutely delighted you have joined us for another exciting school year. We know you already have a lot on your plate welcoming new students and setting up classrooms. We are here to help!

Step 1: Send us a spreadsheet of your new students and/or update info for existing students.

  • Message us using the chat bubble in the lower right side of this screen and let us know you have updates for this school year.
  • We will send you a spreadsheet of your existing students so you can update any info and add new students.
  • Fill out/update and reattach the spreadsheet using the paperclip icon in the chat bubble.
  • Give us 24-48 hours to import the spreadsheet to your account.

Step 2: Send out pins to the new families and invite them to use the app

Step 3: Set up recurring billing plans for all new students

Step 4: Add new teachers/rooms 

Step 5: Provide trainings if necessary.
Click here to view and download staff trainings LINK to staff training guides coming soon and parent resources (for Back to School Night) LINK to Parent training materials coming soon.

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