Already using Kinderlime but interested in our recent upgrade? This article explains what you will need to do to complete the upgrade and what will change on the app and website.

What to do First
Contact us using the chat bubble on the website and state that you would like to upgrade your account to 2.0. 

We will then either upgrade your account for you, or enable a button on your dashboard so that you can upgrade when you're ready.

What Will Happen After You Upgrade

1. Your 1.0 Apps will STOP WORKING within 24 hours after you upgrade.

Download the Kinderlime: Childcare Platform app with the green and blue butterfly logo (see below).

The parents will need to download the same app as the staff. They'll not be able to use the old parent app any longer. 

We can send them an email with instructions for how to download the new app (just let us know you're interested).

Here are your download links for the 2.0 app.

2. Click here to read about changes to the Parent Kiosk on our app.
We now offer a pin-less and a pin-based mode for parent sign in-out. 

We also have the option for staff to mark students as absent while taking attendance.

3. You will need to  familiarize yourself with our new billing features. 

Here is a link to an article about creating recurring plans. Feel free to review all of the articles in our billing section of the Help Center. 

You can also schedule a Billing Consultation when you're ready to set up your billing.

4. See links to videos for more information below: 

You can always sign up for a free trial on the new Kinderlime in order to play around with it and check out any changes we've made prior to upgrading. Let us know if you have any questions via chat.

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