Kinderlime upgraded to 2.0 back in March 2018. Since then we have continued to add features to our system.

Quick Overview of Major New Features

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Detailed List of What Has Changed Between 1.0 and 2.0 Processes

The App

  • Instead of three apps, our 2.0 version of Kinderlime uses just one: the Kinderlime Childcare Platform app (it has a butterfly logo). 

Student and Family Info / Notifications

  • If parents have signed up for the Kinderlime app, they will receive push notifications for various actions in the system. If they have not signed up for the Kinderlime app, they will receive information via email.
  • These notifications can only be turned off by the parent after they log into Kinderlime. To turn notifications off for your entire school, please let us know.
  • Content of the emails cannot be changed. (This includes parent invitation emails and pin emails.) You'll need to communicate with parents separately to set any expectations about how the Kinderlime system will be used. 
  • Carpool is always "on" as an option for students who are picked up by other students' parents (previously this was a setting that you could turn off). 
  • Schedule is no longer something that can be filtered for (you will need to create tags to filter these students at this time).
  • Stage/Program have been removed as input fields in the student profiles.
  • The Parent Pins screen has been replaced with the Student and Family Data report.
  • You can no longer change the designation of "Room" to something else (groups, pod, cell, activity, etc).
  • When entering a parent/guardian or authorized pickup, they are separated into two different sections on the child's profile. If you need to switch someone from parent/guardian to authorized pickup, you'll need to re-enter their information in the desired section.
  • When viewing a list of students, each page only shows up to 40 students at a time. If you click on "Select All," you will be able to select the current list of 1-40 and make a change. You will then go to the next tab (41-60), click "Select All" again, and repeat the change. 


  • After you set up a bank account with Kinderlime, parents can set up online payment methods (credit card or bank account). They can enable auto-pay, make manual payments, or still be charged individually by you. They will not be able to do any of this if you never set up your bank account. 
  • You can set up recurring plans to send invoices automatically to parents every billing cycle, with a designated due date for their payment. 
  • Attendance plans will charge based on attendance (best for extended care); tuition plans will charge a flat rate.
  • Invoices do not have to be sent out to the parents.
  • You are able to click on a "Send Invoice" option in each family's account to re-send the latest invoice as an email reminder.
  • There is no area to input statement notes; you also cannot send out invoices by bulk after they have been generated in a recurring plan (if you chose not to send them out immediately to the parents). 
  • We no longer have a Billing Import feature. 
  • Manual invoices no longer can take attendance into account.
  • We have added some billing features to the app for admins. This feature can be turned on/off in settings.

Sign In-Out

  • When signing in students from the attendance roster, if a staff member clicks on the "Sign In" button without going to select a specific room, each child will be separately signed into his/her default room. To choose a specific room, you will need to click on "More" instead of "Sign In."
  • The attendance roster in the app has a row view or a grid view. The row view shows students' picture and full name. The grid view shows only students' first names by default. Admins can go to the app settings and turn on "Display Student Full Name" for each device to change this.
  • You can no longer select students to sign in/out/transfer from the Live Sign In Status screen in the app.
  • Transferring students is slightly different on the app (you will need to tap the "More" button as opposed to transferring directly on the first screen).
  • You can transfer students on the website using the "Create Sign-In" button and selecting the "Sign Out" option. The "transfer" checkbox will appear after selecting the students.
  • You can still view which students have no sign-outs from the Monthly view of the attendance screen.
  • You can filter for students who have not been signed in/out yet, who were marked absent, or who are currently signed in to a particular room.  
  • We no longer have the recently signed in-out summary view on the website dashboard. 
  • There is no Early/Late time filter for any monthly report.


  • There is a separate section of the website for reports. These can be downloaded as xls and/or pdf files (depending on the report).
  • Reports generate on the righthand side of the screen for download.
  • You can select a custom time frame for most of the reports.
  • There is no onscreen view for most reports, though you can go to the specific sections for attendance or billing to view some of the information, or use the "Export" feature to view a table of the attendance information. 
  • We do have a FACTS report, a CACFP report, and a few new reports added to the overall list.
  • CACFP meals are counted by recording meals within the daily activities section of the app or website. Additionally, meals in CACFP reporting now show six meals instead of three. 

Daily Activities

  • When recording daily activities, parents will immediately receive a push notification and be able to check the activity from the Kinderlime app and website.
  • You no longer have the ability to "send" daily activity reports to parents. Instead, when a child is signed out, parents will automatically receive a daily summary report via email of any activities recorded that day.
  • There is no way to schedule meals ahead of time, so until we add a meal scheduling feature to the new system, you will need to enter meals manually from the website or the app. 
  • We offer customizable learning activities, name to face checks, icons for students with allergies, and icons for students who are currently napping.
  • Bathroom/Nap/Bottle will not appear for Aftercare (can be added back in by request).

Parent Communication

  • You can send push notification messages from the app.
  • You will need to go to the website to create a sign in-out pop-up message (but you can still send the push notification from there as well).
  • You cannot cancel Sign In-Out pop-up messages after they have been sent. They will pop up the very next time a parent enters their pin (whether that is on the same day as the message, or several days later).
  • If you create a new Sign In-Out pop-up message, it will appear along with any other messages you have created (unless they have been seen already by the parent). 
  • Newsletters can also be sent to staff. 
  • Parents can no longer leave reviews of your school. 

Free Plan Clients

  • The free plan in the 2.0 system focuses on daily activities and parent messages. This includes all messages except for text alerts and newsletters.
  • Premium features include sign in and out, reporting, and billing. This means that the ability to record attendance and pull the daily attendance report from the website is a premium-only feature. 
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