We all have busy days and sometimes things get missed. With Kinderlime, missed sign in-outs can be fixed easily, allowing you to capture the correct data for your attendance rosters and billing.

  • If you need to make any edits to an existing sign in-out or if you need to add or delete sign in-outs for current or previous dates, see: On the Website section below.
  • If you need to add sign in-out entries for the same day, see: In the Sign In-Out App section below.

On the Website

(Adding Sign In-Outs for current or previous dates and editing existing Sign In-Outs)

Add a Sign In entry:

Step 1: Go to Attendance-->Daily and change the date in the filter to the date you are trying to add. Click the green GO button to refresh the page.

Step 2: On that same screen, click on the Sign In Children button at the top right. This will take you to a popup sign-in screen that has the correct date in the lower left (always verify the date carefully). You can now select the children, time they are being signed in, room and person who is signing them in.

Add a Sign Out entry or Delete/Edit Sign In or Out:

Once an entry is created using the above method (or if one already exists), you can navigate to that entry using one of the following ways:

Daily Attendance report (Attendance-->Daily): Set the date, click Go, scroll down to the child's name and choose "edit". (This is best if you have several children on the same day to edit) 

Monthly Attendance report (Attendance-->Monthly): Choose the correct month and click Go, click on the child's name, scroll down to the date and choose "edit". (Use this method if you have several entries on the same child to edit)

*Important Note* Keep in mind that you cannot add a sign out until a sign in exists

In the Sign In-Out App:

(Adding missed sign in-outs on the current day)

Step 1: In the top left menu bar, select Attendance Roster. Find the child on the roster.

  • If you are signing the child in, you must be on the "Non Signed-In" button at the top.
  • If you are signing a child out, then you must click the button "Signed-In"

Use other filters as necessary to help you find the child easily.

Step 2: Select the child and press the "Sign In/Out" button on the upper right. Follow the prompts to choose the room, sign-in/out name and the time of sign in/out (keep in mind that the sign out time must be later than the sign in time). Click Done

Step 3: Repeat if necessary for sign out time

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