Sign In-Out Messages are for quick messages you need to send. They are like digital sticky notes, for example, "Please see the office" or "Bring diapers tomorrow".

When the parent enters their pin in the Sign In-Out app, the message will automatically pop up and they acknowledge that they see the message. The message is also emailed to all parents/guardians on the account.

Step 1: In the Sign In-Out app click the top left menu bar and choose "Post Sign In-Out Message"

Step 2: Choose the children the message will pop up for, you can choose multiple children. You can also use the filter to narrow down by Room, Program or Day.

Step 3: Write message and choose "Post"

Admins can view the sent messages by going to Manage-->Messages

You can also see a history of the messages that have been sent to a child by going into their profile and selecting "Messages" in the grey menu bar.

Deleting a Sign In-Out Message: If you need to delete a message, go to Manage-->Messages and you can delete the most current copy. The emails will have already been sent out, but the message will no longer pop up at sign in-out. You can then post a new message if the recent one is no longer relevant.

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