Kinderlime parent portal allows parents to do the following:

  • Know if their child has been picked up/dropped off (in real time)
  • Pay the school fees online if the school uses Kinderlime online billing
  • View photos or daily sheets if the school uses the Daily sheets app

Step 1 (option 1): Accessing the parent portal

Create your Parent Portal account at using the registration code sent by the school, making sure you sign up using the same email address you received the message with. (After you sign up, you will need to click the verification link sent to your email before you can access your child's account.)

Step 1 (option 2): Accessing the Parent Portal after using the app

If you have already set up your account in the parent app, then simply log into the parent portal with the same login and password.

Step 2:

After you login, you can:

a. See your child's photos

b. View your child's sign in-out status

c. View your child's Monthly Attendance Report (in the grey menu choose "Sign In-Out" tab

d. Add carers to your pick up list

e. Check on Daily Sheets (these will update live and you can watch your child's progress during the day)

f. View your monthly statement and conveniently make payments online

*some features may not be available depending on your school's preferences

Enabling Online payments

If your school has enabled Online payments, you will be able to set up an account to make your payments much easier each month.

After logging into your Kinderlime parent account, you'll need to add your bank account/credit card and make it active. Once you do so, your school/child care provider will be able to debit the amount in the invoice each month from your account.

Click here for more detailed info about signing up for online payments.

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