Kinderlime parent app is the easiest way for parents to do the following:

  • Know if their child has been picked up/dropped off (in real time)
  • Pay the school fees online if the school uses Kinderlime online billing
  • View photos or daily sheets if the school uses the Daily sheets app

Parents: How to start with the parent app

Step 1 (option 1): Accessing the app after using the parent portal

a. Create your Parent Portal account at using same email the school signed you up with. choose "Create an Account Here" and choose "Parent Registration".

b. Download the Kinderlime parent app on your Android or iOS devices by searching for "Kinderlime Parent" in the app store.

c. Use the email and password created in Step 1a to log into the app

Step 1 (option 2): Accessing the app before using the online Parent Portal

If you haven't set up an account on the website or don't have an email listed with the school, you can still use the parent app using the registration code sent to you by the school. You will enter this registration code when logging into the app.

Step 2: 

After you login, you can:

a. See your child's photos

b. View your child's sign in-out status

c. Add carers to your pick up list

d. Message the school

e. Check on Daily Sheets (these will update live and you can watch your child's progress during the day)

f. View your monthly statement and conveniently make payments online

*some features may not be available depending on your school's preferences

School administrators: Easily set up parents by emailing the registration codes

Two options for sending the codes to parents:

a. A link to the Parent app and the registration codes can be emailed to ALL parents by going to Children-->Parent App.

b. Email a registration code to a specific parent by going to the child's profile and clicking on "Siblings and Carers". Click the paper airplane next to the registration code to email it out.

Click here for more information on Introducing Parents to Kinderlime.

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