Parents, you can make online payments safely and securely using Kinderlime. Set up for easy online payments in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign Up on Parent app or Website. Your school will email you an invoice which has a link to sign up for a Kinderlime account on and/or the Kinderlime Parent App. If you don't have an account already, create an account online or in the parent app using the registration code and the same email address that you received the invoice with.

Step 2 (Website): Add Bank or Credit Card Info. On your parent portal on the website, go to Payments and click on View Family Billing Account. Here you will enter your bank or credit card information. Note that your school may allow only one or the other.

Step 2 (Parent app): Add Bank or Credit Card Info. On the Parent App click the "Make Payment" button on the Dashboard. Enter payment information.

Note that there may be fees associated with online transactions which are detailed when you sign up for online payments.

Step 3 (Optional): Micro-verification. There may be a micro-verification step if you added a Bank Account which is not part of the 10 popular banks supported with our instant verification process. For micro-verification you'll need to login to the Kinderlime website again after 2 days to verify your account by entering the credits that were made to your bank account by the school.

Step 4 (Option A): Parent triggers payment. If your school is not automatically debiting your account, you will receive an invoice and will log onto the parent portal on the website or the parent app to make the necessary payment.

Step 4 (Option B): School debits parent account. If your school is using automatic payments, there is nothing for you to do after you have completed your payment information.The school will now be able to debit your account based on your recurring billing schedule. Each time they debit your account, you will get a receipt from the school indicating how much was withdrawn and the transaction charges associated.

You can customize this Introduction letter to send to parents

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