Newsletters are a popular feature of the Kinderlime system.

You can use newsletters for:

  • School Newsletters
  • Class Newsletters
  • Lunch Menus
  • Lesson Plans
  • Periodic Announcements

Here are some features that can make your newsletters visually pleasing and easy to use for your preschool or childcare.

Step 1: Log into the website and go to the Newsletters tab at the top. Click the "Create Newsletter" button. Note: if you don't see Newsletters in your menu bar you will find it under Manage-->Newsletters.

Step 2: Adding photos

  1. You can add photos that have been taken from any device that uses the Daily Sheet app. You can also upload photos directly to the website at Photos-->Upload Photos
  2. To add photos to the newsletter, click on the "Insert Image" icon in the newsletter editor to embed a photo of your choosing

Step 3: Embed clip art from the web

  1. Do you know that Google Images is a great resource for finding some nice clipart images for your newsletters? Search for images - for example, you can search for "Free St Patrick's Day Image" and copy the URL of the image you want to insert
  2. Then embed the Image URL in your newsletter by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon in the newsletter editor and then click the "Link" button

Step 4: Embed clipart from your local image library

  1. If you have clipart to use from your computer, then click on the "Insert Image" icon and choose "Cliparts" choice. After it has been added, the clipart will be available using the "Insert Image" icon

Step 5: Add a link

  1. You can add a link to your website, scheduling page, etc by clicking the Link icon in the Newsletter.
  2. Add the URL and the word(s) you would like the parents to click on to take them there.

Step 6: Templates

  1. This allows you to create a standard format that your whole school can use. Click on the Templates tab.
  2. Create your template as you would a Newsletter, adding photos and clip art as needed.
  3. Once Templates are created, you can go back to the Templates area to select the template you would like to use. For example, you could create a template for your school's newsletter design and use it over and over again by filling in different content.

Step 7: Adding Attachments

  1. When your newsletter is complete, choose the children to send it to and click "Save and Preview"
  2. Now you will have the option to add an attachment
  3. If you have a newsletter in Word or PDF format you can add it here if you prefer. But remember, the number of parents who open attachments are low compared to a stand alone newsletter format that pops up immediately in the email.

Step 8: Sending to parents

  1. Check the newsletter over carefully
  2. You can download a PDF of the newsletter if you like
  3. Finally click "Send Newsletter"

We at Kinderlime strongly believe in saving you paper. We teach our kids to conserve - lets do it ourselves! Paperless newsletters are a good way to start.

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