Replace daily paper sheets for toddlers and infants in your care and easily email them to parents! 

Fill out the Daily Sheets during the day. This can be done on the app or the website by you or your staff. Note: you may need to go to Settings and "Enable Daily Sheets for Infants and Toddlers" if you don't see Daily Sheets on the website)

Step 1: Enter new information: Open the Daily Sheet app, click on an item to add, enter the relevant information and click "Next". Select the child(ren) that apply and click "Done"

Step 2: To change or update any Daily Sheet information, go to the "Kids" tab, click the child's name and click the item that needs to be updated. (Note: to filter by room click "Settings" at the bottom)

Step 3: Review Daily Sheets at the end of the day to ensure all relevant info is captured:
a. On the app: go to the "Kids" tab and click each child to review their sheet.
b. On the website: "View" each Daily sheet

Step 4: Send to parents: this step will send the Daily Sheet to all Carers who are designated at "Parent/Guardian" and have a valid email address.
a. On the app: Click "Send" on the main screen, select the child(ren) to send out (or choose All) and hit "Done"
b. On the website: you can use the "Send All Sheets" button or send the sheets individually

Click here to learn how to Use Templates to streamline your process!

*Note* Daily Sheets will update automatically on the Parent App whenever new information is added during the day

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