The Carpool Pickup List is a feature that allows parents to use their existing PIN to pick-up/drop-off other children at the same school instead of needing a separate PIN or a staff member to help them.

 Please be sure to only add carpools after you have spoken with both parties


  • Go into Settings to "Enable Carpool For Parents"
  • Go to the child's profile and use the Siblings & Carers tab and scroll down to "Carpool Pickup List". Use "+Add to List" to search for and add another parent at the school

Note: The child will immediately show up on the carpool parents' PIN screen when they pick up and drop off their own children.


  • First, log in to your Parent Portal on
  • Click on Carer Accounts and scroll down to the "Carpool Pickup List"
  •  Click on “+Add to List” to have the selection screen popup. Start typing in the name of the person you are adding. (This person must already be a Parent or Carer for a child in the same school)
  • After you click “Authorize for Carpool Pickup”, the person selected will be able to use their existing PIN to sign your child in or out on the Sign In/Out screen at the school. Note: They will not be able to see into your child's account or information.

*Important Notes*

  1. An email notification will be sent to all the parents on your account as well as to the administrative address of the school/program. It is your responsibility to inform the person(s) that you have just added to your list.

2. The above steps will need to be used for each child separately, even if they are linked as siblings in the system. This is to allow for siblings to set up different carpools.

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