Kinderlime, the one stop Child Management Software, offers Electronic Sign In-Out, Employee Timeclock, Attendance Reports, Billing, Online Payments and Daily Sheets. There are so many features, it can be hard to know where to start!

We recommend starting here, with our Sign In-Out app. Below are the basics you will need to get up and running, once you have completed steps 1-5 there are links to explore the other Kinderlime features. 

You are just a few steps away from enjoying the benefits of being a paper free, accurate and efficient facility!

Step 1 - Enroll your children: Add children on the website at Children-->Enrolled, using the Add Child button

    a. To add additional carers, click the child's name to go to their profile, then choose the "Siblings & Carers" tab and use the +Add Carer button

    b. If you have a large center, you can send us the child and family data in a spreadsheet for rapid upload.

Step 2 - Send parents their pin numbers: Once you have the children and their carers in Kinderlime you can click on Children-->Parent Pins and use the button to "Email Pins to Parents". Click here to download a sample parent letter you can use to introduce parents to Kinderlime.

Step 3 - Download the Sign In-Out App: Download Sign In-Out app from the app store with your mobile devices

Step 4 - Log into the Sign In-Out app: Log into the Sign In-Out app using the same email id and password that you used to register on Now all of the child and family data that you enter on the website will be quickly synced between the website and your mobile devices!

Step 5 - Start signing in:
 Congratulations, you are now ready to go Live!
  a. For parent sign in/out: In the app, click "Parent Sign In-Out" to open the screen that will allow parents to enter their pin codes* when they drop off and pick up their children.
  b. For staff sign in of large groups of children (ie. afterschool): follow the directions here for Staff Sign In

*Did a parent forget their pin at drop off/pick up? To look up a pin using the Sign In-Out app: go into Kids List, choose the child and you will be able to see all Care Giver pins for that child

The Kinderlime System

Once you have Sign In-Out up and running it is time to explore the other features that make up our comprehensive system:

  1. Run Attendance Reports - Kinderlime tracks attendance electronically and offers customizable reporting tools that can be downloaded easily into XLS or PDF files
  2. Start Billing - Create your invoices with a simple push of a button! No more digging through piles of paper and consulting your calculator!
  3. Accept Online Payments - Kinderlime offers a simpler way of collecting payments
  4. Track your employees' hours - use the Sign In-Out App to track staff clock in-outs
  5. Daily Sheets - use the Daily Sheet App to take photos, text parents and capture and send daily infant and toddler reports
  6. Parent App - This app facilitates efficient communication with parents. It is a perfect compliment to the Sign In/Out and Daily Sheet apps! Parents can download this free Parent App to view their child's sign in/outs, photos, daily reports and invoices. They can even pay online through the app, a feature only Kinderlime offers!

For other questions you can consult our help page or send us a message through the green chat bubble below. 

Thank you for exploring Kinderlime!

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