Some programs require physical signatures to be compliant with licensing. This feature will allow you to collect hand signatures when parents sign in-out and be in compliance.

Setting up Parent Signatures during Sign In-Out

Step 1: Choose “Enable Parent Signatures in Sign In-Out” on the website under Settings 

Step 2: Log out and then back in to the Sign In/Out app.

Step 3: Now when a PIN is entered for one of the children in your program during drop off/pick up, a signature will be required.

Step 4: Print out your Attendance reports with parent signatures from the website by going to Attendance --> Daily Sign In-Out report and then clicking on "PDF". This will download the current report as a PDF right in your browser. This PDF has the signature of the parents for your state licensing or funding agencies.

Another report option: For a report that has all of the signatures for a given student for a whole month, click on their name in the Attendance area and you will be taken to their personal Sign In/Out record. Select the desired month and click on the PDF button to download the report.

Want to transition away from collecting signatures? Most licensing agents will accept Kinderlime's unique pins as signatures as long as there is a waiver on file with them. Click here to download a Waiver template.

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