Group check in/out using the app

Need staff to quickly check in a group of kids? No problem!

Step 1: On the app, go to the main menu and choose Attendance Roster

Step 2: Select the children that are being signed in and the room they are going to.

Step 3: Enter name of staff member who is checking them in

Step 4: Choose the sign-in time (to sign in for previous dates, use the website method below)

Step 5: To sign the children out, repeat the same process. The children can be signed out or they can be transferred to a different room.

Group check in/out using the website

Step 1: Click the Sign In Children button on the Dashboard or on the Attendance-->Daily screen.

Step 2: Select the children and the room. (You can also change the date and time of sign-in if needed).

Step 3: To sign children out, repeat the process using the Sign Out button.

Note: Group sign out can only be done on the current date. To create sign-out entries for multiple students on a previous date, you must first sign them all in and then go through the Daily Attendance record for that day and edit each entry to include a sign out time.

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