We will be rolling out our registration feature very soon!

Share a registration link with parents and they can fill out their child's information online! Once a child is registered, you can move them to a waitlist or you can enroll them into your active rosters. The information needed for Kinderlime will automatically be entered for you and any supplemental information will be stored in the child's profile. It is also possible to collect registration fees online.

Step 1:

 Go to Manage-->Registration System (Note: If you do not see "Registration System" contact Kinderlime to enable this feature for you)

Step 2:

Registration Set Up:
Define the information you wish to collect from parents.

  • Personal Information - this collects information about the person filling out the form. These fields are mandatory and cannot be changed
  • Children Information -  You can add additional fields here for parents to fill out. There are three choices (see screenshot below):
  1. Text Field: For open ended answers (ie: vaccinations, etc)
  2. Single Selection Field: multiple choice question allowing parents to choose one answer
  3. Multiple Selection Field: multiple choice question allowing parents to choose multiple answers

*It is important to note that these additional (custom) fields will not auto-populate the information entered when you enroll the child

  • Parents/Guardians Information - This is the information you would like to collect about the parents. Additional fields can be added.
  • Add Notification & Acknowledgement Form: Use this step to add a waiver or information you would like the parent to acknowledge before registering. 

*Tip: for the "Acknowledgement Label", you can use wording like, "I fully understand and agree to the above terms". The parent will not be able to continue with registration until they check the acknowledgement box (see example below).

Step 3: 

Registration Fees:
If you have set up your Kinderlime account to accept online payments you can collect registration fees online as well. Click the "Fees" tab to create a registration fee (it is possible to create multiple fees the parents can choose from depending on what they are registering for).

*Note: Collecting registrations is included free with your subscription. If you collect registration fees through Kinderlime there is a transaction fee charged to the parents when they make their payment.

Step 4:

Registration Link
Now it is time to start collecting registrations! You can embed the HTML Code found in this tab into your website to display a button that sends parents to your registration page. 

You can also go to Manage-->Reviews, click the "Register your Child" button and share that URL with parents. 

Step 5:

Organize registrations:
Go to the Registered Children tab to view incoming registrations to "Waitlist" or "Enroll" (see screenshot below):

  • Waitlist: Place the child on the waitlist until you choose to enroll them
  • Enroll: Once enrolled, the child will show up under Children-->Enrolled and the information the parent entered during registration will be moved into the child's newly created profile. Assign the child a classroom and tags as needed, email pins and registration codes to the parents and assign the child a charge in Billing.

*Note: custom fields (such as vaccinations, etc) will not populate automatically. You can add that information by editing the child's profile or saving the information and uploading as a document in the child's profile

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