Do you have more than 30 children in your childcare program or school? If you do, then it might be faster to use a spreadsheet upload to enter your children into Kinderlime. This service is included during your trial period and also with your Standard Plan Subscription!

You can enter all of your children into Kinderlime in 2 steps: 

  1. Fill out a spreadsheet with all relevant info.
  2. Send it to us, we'll do the rest! 

Step 1:

 To get you started, here is the info you need to include on the attached spreadsheet. Click this button to download the spreadsheet template that you will use to upload your information to Kinderlime:

*Note* To download, click the link above and Dropbox will open. Click the "Download" button in the upper right and choose "Direct Download", you will be asked to sign in, click "No thanks, continue to download" and the excel sheet will open (you can delete the sample rows but do not edit the column headers in Row 1 in any way)

1. Student Name

2. Parent Name

3. Parent Email (while technically optional, if you want to use most of the features you will need at least one email contact per child

If more detailed information is available to be added you can get it all into Kinderlime quickly (See optional fields below).

Step 2: 

Name the file with your school's name and the current date. Send us the excel sheet and we'll upload it for you. Go to the message widget (see what the icon looks like below) at the bottom right of this page and attach it to your message. We’ll review it and import it onto your site. This takes 24-48 hours so be sure to plan

Messaging Icon on Kinderlime website looks like this:

Optional Fields: *These are recommended but not necessary. Remember, the more you fill out now, the less you’ll have to do later.

Student Information 

• Student First Name

• Student Last Name

• Student Group - This is the Room or Group that the student is assigned to.

• Student ID - If you are exporting from your registration or school database, you can use your existing Student ID. Otherwise you can generate Student IDs on your own (or leave this field blank), they must be unique to the student.

• Family ID - This lets Kinderlime system identify siblings. Siblings need identical Family IDs so their accounts will link (for other students, you can leave this field blank). For more on Family Id - see Tip below.

Parent Information 

***For the Parent information below, please only list one name/email/phone# per cell***

• Parent 1 Name

• Parent 1 Mobile Phone

• Parent1 Email

• Parent2 Name

• Parent2 Mobile Phone

• Parent2 Email

• Student Dob - format is: MM/DD/YYYY

• StreetAddress

• City

• State

• Zip

Program Information 

• Program - Day / Afternoon / Evening / Morning / Drop-In (use just one of these options for each child)

• Stage - Infant / Toddler / PreSchool / PreK / JrK / Kindergarten / SchoolAge (use just one of these options for each child)

• Schedule - M,W,F or T,Th or W,F for example. (default is all days. You must use our format for the days)

• Allergy - List out any allergies that are known

• Note - Any note you want for the child

• Pickup List - Comma separated list of names, do not re input parents listed above

Tip for Family ID: If you don't have your own Family IDs and have siblings in your care, you can use the parent's phone numbers as the Family ID. Just copy the phone numbers from the Parent1 Phone across to the Family ID column and you're done! (note: for any parents with no entry for Parent1 Phone, you'll still need to generate your own Family ID) Remember, you only really need Family IDs for children with siblings currently in your care.

Remember: With the exception of Allergy, Note, and Pickup List, only ONE entry per cell can be added: extra emails, phone numbers, etc, should be put under Notes.

For Program, Stage, and Schedule, you can only pick from the options listed above in the guide.

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