Kinderlime is very simple for parents to navigate, they love easy communication about their children! There are three easy steps you can do to get them started (all tools are linked here and found on the website main page):

Step 1: Send Pin Codes to the parents for Sign In-Out from the website (Children-->Parent Pins)

Step 2: Download, customize, and send the Parent Letter (green button below). It covers why the school is using Kinderlime, the Sign In-Out process, Billing system and Daily communication if you working with infants and toddlers.

Step 3: Send parents a link with their registration code to download the parent app (Children-->Parent App)

Set Parents up for Success:

a. Power Point presentation for Parents (perfect for Back to School night)
b. Parent's guide to Sign In-Out (PDF)
You can print and present or email this 2 page info guide to your parents. It has screenshots and covers the basics of sign in-out and using the Parent App
c. Welcome Parents (1 page guide)
d. Send Parents their Pin Codes
e. Send Parents a link to download the Parent App

Kinderlime Media Kit for schools:

Click on the following thumbnails to download editable tools to get your parents excited to use the Kinderlime system for Sign In-Out, Billing and Daily Updates!

Facebook Post for Daycares:

Blog Post for Daycares: Share in your Child's Day with the Kinderlime App:

Facebook Post for Afterschool Programs:

Blog Post for Afterschool Programs: Simplified Billing and Sign In-Out with the Kinderlime App:

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