Staff can be added as (1) Admins, (2) Non-Admins with access to Kinderlime website or (3) Non-Admins with no access to Kinderlime website. All types of staff will have a 4 digit pin code for Clock In-Out.

Here are the steps to setting up staff in Kinderlime:

Step 1: Go to Manage-->Teachers/Staff. The system will automatically assign a PIN to each teacher when you Add New Staff. (read below before adding emails and clicking "Admin")*

Step 2: Using their assigned pin, the staff can clock in using the Sign In Sign Out app in the same field that children pins are inputted

• Note: staff can only clock in on devices where Admin's have logged in (so staff can't clock in from their phones at home :-)

Step 3: Staff Clock In/Out Report is available by going to Attendance --> Staff Clock In Report.

* If you don't want your staff to have access to the website, then do not add their email when they are entered. If you do want them to be able to sign in, we recommend that you assign them a password and have them use it to sign in the first time (they can change it later).

Check “Admin” if you want them to:

1. Edit children profiles

2. Access billing

3. Clock in/out staff

4. Change business information

Non admins can still:

1. Access the website

2. Check children in and out

3. Add carers and siblings

4. Send messages

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