Replace daily paper sheets for toddlers and infants in your care and easily email them to parents!

Templates save you time - fill out your Daily Plan one time and apply each morning and you'll be ready to go for the whole day! Create templates that include regular events such as naps, meals/snacks, bathroom visits and activities. Templates can be applied every morning and edited anytime. Any template can be applied to any room!

Step 1:

 Creation of a Daily Sheet template. (Note: if Daily Sheets are not showing on the website you may need to enable Daily Sheets in Settings)

a. Go to Daily Sheets on the website

b. Go to the Templates tab to "+Create Template" or "view/edit" if you are changing an existing template.

c. Add Naps, Meals, Bathroom, Medications, etc as needed. Then click Save Template 

d. Apply Template: Choose a room and when you click Apply Template you will get your choice of templates. Once you hit Apply Template the template will populate every child in the room with a current Daily Sheet. You can delete the sheets for children not present. To apply multiple templates for one room, apply one template, delete the ones from the children who need a different one and then apply a new template for those children.

Step 2:

Fill out the Daily Sheets during the day. This can be done on the app or the website by you or your staff. 

a. Update template entries: Open the Daily Sheet App and navigate to "Kids" at the bottom of the main screen, you will see they all have the Daily Sheet template populated. Select the child that needs to be updated and click directly on the item to update as needed (Note: to filter by room click "Settings" at the bottom)

b. Input brand new items/activities: Open the Daily Sheet App main screen and click directly on the item to be added, it can be applied to more than one child as needed

c. Final Review: On the app: use the "Kids" tab to review each child's Daily Sheet. On the website: "View" each Daily Sheet at the end of the day to ensure all relevant info is captured.

Step 3:

Send to the parents

a. On the app: on the main screen, click "Send" at the top right, select the child(ren) to send out (or choose All) and hit Done

b. On the website: you can use the Send All Sheets button or send the sheets individually

Making Changes: How to change the template that has already been applied for the day

On the website, simply delete the current templates for each child and apply the new template.

*Note* Daily Sheets will update automatically on the Parent App whenever new information is added during the day

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