Kinderlime helps you go paperless with meal tracking for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Step 1: Enabling Meal Tracking 

a. On the Kinderlime website go to Settings and click the button to Enable CACFP Meal Tracking. Now you will be able to record each child’s meal schedule manually (if you don't have any rooms created, please create at least one for the meal tracking feature to be enabled in Kinderlime)

Step 2 Recording Meals

Go to Attendance-->Meals. In this field, you can record meals for any date and room. Meals are separated as Breakfast, Lunch and Snack. Click one of these meal buttons to enter meal details and choose the children who receive them.

Step 3: Monthly Report 

Go to Attendance-->Meals and click the Monthly Report tab in the grey menu. This end of the month report will give you the total number of meals for each child. You can also export the Excel spreadsheet by clicking the XLS button. This report will have the daily breakdown of the whole month for each child and can be submitted to CACFP sponsors.

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