The Tagging feature allows you to have more flexibility with your attendance rosters. Tags can be used in a variety of ways to make running reports, applying fees and/or keeping notes of allergies more efficient and convenient.

Need to see just the “Blue” group of children? The Part-Time children from the Blue group? How about the Part-Time Blue group children who are signed up for Soccer in the morning and Chess in the afternoon? 

Step 1: Creating Tags
Go to Manage-->Tags (if you don't see "Tags" contact us using the chat window below and we can turn on that option for you), click the button to +Add New Tag, enter your Tag Name and choose a Tag Color. (if you don’t see the Tags option under Manage, check your Settings to be sure "Enable Tagging" is turned on.)

Step 2a: Applying Tags
Click the menu bar "..." under Actions for the tag you created and choose "Tag/Untag children", select the child(ren) the tag should apply to and then Apply Tag. You can select from All Rooms or narrow down by room to find children to tag (as shown below).

Step 2b: Apply Tags via child's profile
Click on the child's name under Children-->Enrolled
Use the "edit tags" to assign tags

Step 3: Filtering Tags
Once you have applied tags, you will see that you are now able to “Filter by tags” on children lists. You will see this in the following places:
a. Attendance --> Daily and Monthly*

b. Billing*

c. Children --> Enrolled, Graduated or On Hold*

d. Sign In-Out App - on iOS use the "Filter" button in the Kids List and the Attendance Roster to filter for tags. On Android, use the menu button to navigate to the "Filters" tab.

 e. Daily Sheet App - in the "Kids" tab (tags only available with paid subscriptions)

*When you leave a page that has been filtered by tags, the tag filters will be removed and the next time you visit the screen, you will see the whole list of children and can set new tags if needed

Step 4: Removing or Editing Tags
Go to Manage-->Tags, click the "..." button under Actions and use either "Edit tag" or "Delete tag" as necessary

Step 5: Untagging children
Go to Manage-->Tags, click the "..." button under Actions and use "Tag/Untag children". You can deselect a child by clicking their name in the main list or using the trash can icon in the Selected Children list.

*Note* There is a 255 character length for tag names and you can use letters or numbers (no punctuation). You can click on the color below to assign a custom color to your tag. Save your tag and it will appear in the list of tags on the main screen. 

You will only see a given tag in the list for the filters if there is at least one child who has been assigned that tag. 

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