As you are setting up staff under Manage-->Teachers/Staff you have the ability to set 3 different levels of access when clicking the "Add New Staff" button. This article will cover how to set up each level:

Level 1. Pin only:

Staff will be given a pin to use for clocking in and out but will not be able to sign into either the website or the apps. 

Set up: enter only the teacher's first and last name and click "Save Teacher Details". A unique teacher pin will be generated. Give that pin to the teacher and they will be able to clock in and out in the Sign In-Out App that an admin has signed into.

Level 2: App and Website access

Staff with this access will have a pin to Clock In-Out and will also be able to log into the Sign In-Out and Daily Sheet Apps as well as the website.  

Set up: Along with first and last name, enter their email address and assign a simple password (can be changed later) that they can use to log in for the first time.  Once the teachers have their passwords, they can sign in and will be able to check children in and out, fill out daily sheets, create Newsletters, send messages and add carers and siblings.

*Important* do not have staff try to sign into their account before you enter their email and password. This will result in creation of a new account that is completely separate from the school's account. 

Level 3: Admin 

This staff member have full access to the website and apps. 

Set up: Along with entering the teacher's name, email and password, check the "Is the teacher Administrator?" button when setting up the teacher account. Now this staff member will be able to edit children profiles, access billing, clock in-out staff and change billing information.

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