If families split and parents do not want certain members to continue to see their information there are some steps you need to take. Below are some edits you can make to deal with these scenarios.

Scenario 1: Step parent allowed to pick up one child in family but not siblings:

  1. If the step parent has another child at the school you can skip to step 2. If the step parent does not already have an account, add a second version of the child (clearly marked as the duplicate version, ie. named "Marjorie duplicate") and add the step parent as a parent for that child 
  2. Go back to the main version of the child and add the step parent as a carpool pick up for that child only (do not add for siblings)
  3. Now the step parent can pick up that child but not his or her siblings. (Note: make sure the parent knows to sign in the original version of the child - not the duplicate - and click done at the top left of the app every time after pinning in.)

Scenario 2: Separated parent with sole custody (other parent occasionally picks the child up)

  1. Add the parent who does NOT have custody as a Carer and set relation to "Family". 
  2. This parent will then have a pin but will not have access to the parent account

Scenario 3: Separated parents both want access to account but only want to pay for the days they pick up.

  1. For simplicity, sign both parents up as parent's in the same account
  2. Encourage them to use the Sign In-Out report on the parent portal to figure out which days they each need to pay for.
  3. Optional: If parents insist on receiving separate invoices the school will need to set up a duplicate child account, add Parent2 and their email address and invoice Parent2 through that account after reviewing the child's sign in-out records. You may want to remove Parent2's email address from the original child account otherwise they will receive the invoices meant for Parent1. 

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