When a student leaves your care you can "Graduate", "Hold" or "Delete" them. This can be done on the website by going to Children →Enrolled. On the top right you will see buttons to Graduate or Hold. 

Choose the Graduate button and graduate the child or children who are leaving your care. The graduated children stay in the system for record keeping but they will no longer count towards active enrollment and if you have an enrollment based subscription you will no longer be charged for them. 

Choose the Hold button when the child is leaving your care but may possibly come back at a later date. This function will retain the parent pins (if the child comes back, the parents will be able to use the same pins). You will also not be charged for any children on Hold if you have an enrollment based subscription.

To Delete a child click on the child's name, scroll to the bottom right and use the red "Graduate/Delete Child" button. *Important* selecting Delete will erase all records of the child. Using the Delete feature is not recommended unless the child is a demo/test or ends up never attending your program. 

To change a child from Hold or Graduated back to Enrolled, go to Children-->On Hold or Children-->Graduated and use the Re-Activate button. 

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