Kinderlime provides Year-End statements which can be used by parents for childcare reimbursements. These statement include:

  • Name & Address of the school
  • Time Period of the statement (eg - Jan-2016 - Dec-2016)
  • Federal and State Tax ID (if you have entered them under Manage--> Manage Center)
  • Names of Parents on the Account
  • Previous Balance from any time before the start date
  • All transactions through the period specified
  • Ending balance at the end of the period specified

Schools / Providers :

The report for each family is available on the Kinderlime website in the Billing section.

Please click on child's name to get to their family account page and then click the Statement button --> Year End Statement.

Choose the desired time period (for yearly statements choose Jan 1st to Dec 31 of the same year) and click Continue.

You'll be able to look at the report and then you can download it for printing by clicking the "PDF" button or you can email it to the Parents of the child by clicking "Send". It will be sent to all parents on the child's profile who have a valid email address.

***At the end of the year, we recommend having the parents use the Parent Portal (see instructions below) so that they are able to receive this information without needing the school to send it out to them.


Access to these yearly statements is also available to parents after logging into their Kinderlime parent portal.

Once on the Parent Portal Click on Payments.

This takes you to your Family Billing section. In the upper right, click the button labeled " Download Statement" and then select Custom from the drop down menu.

Choose the range (for yearly statements choose Jan 1st to Dec 31 of the same year) and click "Continue".

You will be presented with the information in the statement and can download the report for printing by clicking the PDF button.

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