What if there is a total blackout?

Technology is great and can save a TON of time and money; however, it often depends on electricity, internet access, telecommunications, and other companies like your ISP, the cable company, and the websites themselves. 

Natural disasters and other disruptions can wreak havoc on a technology based system, even from a great distance away, because of how much interconnectedness there is today. 

It is for this reason that we HIGHLY recommend that you always have a paper/pen backup ready. While it is time consuming and wasteful to use paper all the time, it has the singular advantage of being relatively independent of outside issues. 

A good back up plan includes an Attendance Roster that is printed out monthly (or whenever the roster changes significantly). Kinderlime will be taking steps in the future to optimize your ability to print such a backup roster. At this time, here are the steps you can take in Kinderlime to print a roster.

Step 1: Go on the website to Attendance-->Daily

Step 2: Choose any date in the future, choose the room as necessary, verify there are no filters set, make sure the "View All Kids" button is selected and click "Go". (see circles below)

Step 3: Now you can click "PDF" to download the attendance roster (see arrow below) and print it out. The date will need to be crossed out and it should be updated from time to time if the enrollment changes. 

Step 4: After you take paper attendance, you can enter the time into the website to maintain your electronic records. Click to view the help article on capturing missed attendance data.

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